Eversat Portable Satellite Suitcase, SNG, DriveAway, Flyaway, Mobile VSAT communications, Satellite Internet
Management :

Bruno Rakotoarisoa

Bruno has over 10 years of experience in space industry. He was a sales manager for Ineo Defense (Suez Group).
He obtained degrees from Engineering ESME (MSc Elec.), and from HEC Business School (Entrepreneurship).

Michel Gomez Henry
Technical director

Michel has worked for more than 20 years  in space industry. He is a former technical manager of Ineo Defense (Suez Group) and of Alcatel Space (which became Thales Alenia Space). He graduated in National School of Telecommunication.

Patrice Coyault
EMEA Sales Manager
Patrice has over 30 years of experience in Telecommunication and Space industry. He was a Sales Director of Andrew Corporation and served 15 years in the Signal Corp of the French Army.