Eversat Portable Satellite Suitcase, SNG, DriveAway, Flyaway, Mobile VSAT communications, Satellite Internet
 The Drive Series are designed to meet the requirements for vehicle mounted antennas
with a concept of “Go anywhere with high data rates”.
Its lightweight construction and easy of installation on any vehicle roof makes it ideal
choice for newsgathering (SNG) and VSAT applications such as disaster relief emergency
communications, corporate networks, milsat (military satellite communications)

Key features:
• Powerful:
Fully compliant with satellite operator specifications.
• Lightweight and compact:
High gain glass fiber reinforced polyester or carbon-fiber reflector.
• Easy to use and quick to air
3-axis motorized pedestal w:ith built-in manual drive gear system in case of emergency use. Easy and fast antenna deployment and
operation with a single touch smart button.
• Flexible:
Aerodynamic POD design for improved vehicle performance, safe driving and housing for outdoor electronics such as HPA etc.
• Rugged and reliable
User Benefits:
• Low cost
• 2 ways high data rates communications
• Easy to integrate on any vehicle roof