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LightAway KA-SAT:

The LightAway KA-SAT is the most easy to use portable satellite terminal in the market. Based on the award winning concept LightAway Ku band, compliant with Eutelsat's KA-SAT service is ideally suited for Broadband Connectivity and Fast News Gathering.

Key Features:
  •  1 single satellite suitcase 25 kg IATA compliant
  •  Communications up to 20 Mbps Download and 10 Mbps Upload.
  •  5 min from ground to Internet connection (including antenna set-up, autopointing and network acquisition)
  •  One button autopointing GUI
  •  Complete solution integrating  satellite antenna, transceiver, modem, 3 port router and battery pack for more than 2 hours of communication from the field
  •  Rugged and Reliable
User Benefits:

  • Cost effective solution (equipment and service)
  • One-man transport and operation
  • First to establish a broadband link from the field