Eversat Portable Satellite Suitcase, SNG, DriveAway, Flyaway, Mobile VSAT communications, Satellite Internet
LightAway Overview :

The LightAway is a portable satellite terminals ideally suited for broadband INTERNET access (voice, fax, data, video) and FAST NEWS GATHERING, recognized as the world's most powerful and easy to use satellite suitcase. This integrated terminal allows live transmission of broadcast from anywhere in the world.

Its quick deployment, high-speed communication capability and convenience makes it ideal for broadcasting news and sports from difficult locations, for disaster relief applications, corporate and other video conferencing situations, as well as providing temporary Internet access for remote workers.

The terminal already assembled is ready to transmit in less than five minutes by using an unmatched automatic satellite pointing system without need of manual intervention or test equipment for the final adjustment. This can be accomplished by unskilled personnel. The system makes one-man operation feasible in the most hostile conditions and creates the opportunity to cost-effectively send multiple teams on location.

Capabilities :

- Quick deployment : ready in less than 5 minutes
- Communications up to 30 Mbps
- Lightweight and compact: one single suitcase less than 30 kg  (airline checkable)
- Rugged and reliable: carbon fibre structure, shock mount and manual override
- One-man transport and operation
- Usable as a roof mounted system for any types of vehicles
- First to establish a broadband link from the field