Eversat Portable Satellite Suitcase, SNG, DriveAway, Flyaway, Mobile VSAT communications, Satellite Internet



Eversat offers its customers maximum flexibility and durability through several options and accessories.
Our accessories, as all Eversat equipment, can support operations in any environmental conditions.

 Products List :

 - Integrated Satellite Modem :
      SCPC and TDMA integrated satellite modem for LightAway

 - Compact video Encoder and Receiver :
      MPEG2/MPEG4, DVB-S/DVB-S2, SD/HD compact video encoder and receiver

 - BackPack :    
      Ergonomic frame to carry the LightAway on the back

 - Rugged Notebook :
      Shocks and vibrations resistant notebook for running the LightAway Graphical User Interface

 - Battery :
      High Power rechargeable battery for LightAway

 - AC/DC Power Supply Unit :
     600W Outdoor power supply unit for LightAway